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1007, 2017

Who Really Owns A Liquor License?

July 10th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , |

It is not surprising that in Maryland the determination as to whether the liquor license is owned by the individual applicants, or by a corporation that operates the business, depends on the circumstances of the particular case.

907, 2017

Mold can be Arrested in the Marketplace

July 9th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

Concern about exposure to indoor mold has been increasing as the public becomes sensitive to issues of building occupant health and wellbeing. Mold problems in buildings have in large measure been exacerbated by changes in [...]

207, 2017

New Liquor License Rules in Baltimore County

July 2nd, 2017|Tags: , |

The Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore County has issued new Rules and Regulations. Liquor board Rules are of great import and govern the issuance of an alcoholic beverage license as well as the day to day operations of a business selling alcoholic beverages. While hyper technical in nature, Board Rules have the force of law and a violation of a Rule can result in civil penalties and ultimately suspension or revocation of an alcoholic beverage license.

207, 2017

Superfund can Save Our Current Way of Life

July 2nd, 2017|Tags: , , , , , |

Superfund is broken. “[W]e all know it doesn't work -- the Superfund has been a disaster," said President Clinton. President Bush described the need for a program overhaul. President Obama acknowledged the 37 year old [...]

2506, 2017

PACE in Maryland is Not Keeping Pace

June 25th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

In 2008 I said Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans “could be bigger than anything in U.S. real estate since the invention of the glass window.” But today, despite Maryland having enacted a PACE enabling [...]

1806, 2017

You Need a Green Building Consultant (Who Speaks for the Trees)

June 18th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

We are often asked “what is the best way to assure success in a green building project?” Whether that query is from a Fortune 1000 businesses or an architect, the answer is the same, have [...]