The sustainability work at Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. is focused on creating value for enterprises through strategic sustainable business solutions from Brownfields to Green building and much more.

The sustainability work, both legal and non law, often accomplished through ajhon Sustainable Systems Integrator, an independent non law environmental consulting business affiliate of this law firm, is the fastest growing area of work at the firm. And while there is much cross over and combining of effort with matters of environmental law, sustainability is not only emergent and fast growing, but also unique in the business opportunities for clients.

We offer science based advice and legal counsel for every process and structure within a company, from assisting publicly traded companies with transactional due diligence and positioning a positive Corporate Social Responsibility process to working with real estate developers greening their existing portfolio whether the result of new laws, customer sentiment or corporate commitment and to achieve LEED® certification or earn the ENERGY STAR label, and more. We provide comprehensive environmental and unique sustainable legal solutions to critical business issues from A to Z.

We actively represent clients creating value by delivering an innovative platform upon which clients gain a competitive advantage in sustainability including green building.

To learn more about the scope and breadth of our experience in sustainability, read the industry-recognized articles authored by Stuart Kaplow that appear in the Legal Library on this website.

Environmental Consulting Affiliate

adjon Sustainable Systems Integrator is an independent non-law environmental consulting business affiliate of this law firm. ajhon can satisfy your environmental consultant needs.