The environmental legal work at Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. is based on a business model that see “environmental risk as an opportunity.”

We offer counsel, advice and support for every process and structure within a company, from short term measures to long term projects, from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations. We provide comprehensive and unique sustainable solutions from A to Z.

We work with a broad breadth of businesses giving each company ‘an edge’, including assisting some in advantaging new government regulations and sources of government incentives and advising others about the regulatory environment.

We regularly work with senior management in the commercial sector across the breadth of businesses and often with land developers in green matters.

Stuart Kaplow assembles teams of experienced attorneys, elite scientists, top of their field environmental specialists, talented engineers, and marketing gurus, on a project basis, to leverage the local real estate knowledge and nationally recognized technical ability necessary to assure that client objectives are swiftly and successfully realized.

Based in Maryland, the law firm assists clients across the country, and increasingly internationally, working with their local counsel or often through ajhon Sustainable Systems Integrator, an independent non law environmental consulting business affiliate of this law firm.

The scope and breadth of the firm’s experience in environmental law can be gleaned from the articles authored by Stuart Kaplow that appear in the Environmental Law section of the Legal Library on this website.

Environmental Consulting Affiliate

adjon Sustainable Systems Integrator is an independent non-law environmental consulting business affiliate of this law firm. ajhon can satisfy your environmental consultant needs.